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Our Mission, Vision and Philosophy is to give to consumers the best that Nature and Science gives to us. There is a impressive amount of Science behid GLAICE in terms of Research, Innovation, Discovery, Technology and Life Sciences. 

All those efforts results in an exceptional product that fills every bottle of GLAICE.

This is the Spirit that lead our compromise · The Spirit of Excellence

About Us

Glaice Water Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of ND Pharma Company.


Our business is to develop and enhance the availability and commercial opportunitties of GLAICE and associatted brands worldwide.


We are a Team of sound based professionals within the drinks and beverages sector supported by the innovation and science deployed by our matrix company. 

We select bottlers, sources and transfer technology and marketing skills to make a success in every location we realize that our product should be introduced and marketed.


GLAICE offers business opps. to a number of professionals and organizations, so if you are interested in exploring it, please contact us:




What is GLAICE?

GLAICE Water is a perfect combination of pristine purified water infused with Mother Nature’s Alkaline Ionic Minerals. These create a powerful reaction that transform water reducing its molecule clusters and restructuring in a shelf-stable way. 

As a result, GLAICE has a distinguished smooth silky taste with a powerful and stable alkaline pH. GLAICE is the infused hydration choice designed to counterbalance acidity and complement a balanced lifestyle, conforming the world leading ultra- premium product brand. 

Design & Style


GLAICE is presented in different formats. 1 ́25 Liters and 600 mL bottle with an unique and glamorous design inspired on the solid Ice-Rock mountains and/or the raw diamond solid-state stones.


Our unique 42g / BPA-FREE bottle with crystal effect is an added value to our product as it permits to appreciate the transparency, purity and pristine water inside with a unique sensation of exclusivity and an epicurean style of life change through the drinking experience of having the best drinking product available on the earth.


Increase the sensation of self-awareness and healthy-life procurement thru the proposed Think Pure-Drink Pure® Glaice (ALKALINE IONIZED WATER) drinking experience.


The Business


GLAICE is a high-impact/gross-margin profitable option for your business. If you are a bottler, retailer, owner of store chain or distributor, we offer the most profitable margins within the bottling water and related products industry.


GLAICE can be sold as ultra-premium product everywhere on a price range that guarantee the margin and profits for every cent invested in. If you don ́t want to build your own brand, GLAICE is offering to you and your industry to participate with gross margins within the drinking bottled product industry with an unrivaled product, Alkaline Ionized Water, the best form of water that you may drink on earth today.


Consumer preferences show that Alkaline Water is gaining adepts everyday and everywhere. Once you tasted GLAICE you will find difficult to ask for any other water brand, due to its uniqueness, the velvety and smooth taste that led experts to say that drinking GLAICE is more close to drink air, fresh air.


Same is applicable to the experience of drinking purity and energy like never before. So, we can conclude that tasting GLAICE is a benefit for your health and your business. 


Our Water


We have selected Sierra Cazorla as our original water source. This is a pristine spring naturally surrounded in the unspoiled protected National Park of Sierra de Cazorla, at Jaén province, Spain. The original water that gives GLAICE part of his character was considered as choice candidate between more than 30 different tested water sources from a variety of countries including Iceland, Scotland, Italy, Romania, Russia,  France, Finland and Norway.


Sierra Cazorla was selected between other existing criteria by purity, mineral content, low sodium, absence of human-created pollutants, and its special characteristics, so we selected this source to give to our GLAICE Water the best origin available.


Our Bottle 


Glaice is special even at its bottle design. The iced peak mount at the top of the half-cylinder body recreates the icebergs emerging from the sea, iced mountain peaks of the Himalayas where our concept and inspiration was born and the purity of water fallen over this land thousands of years ago. We try to re-create what nature makes creating the most perfect water within the bottle, and what nature shows when we admire the ice-peaked mountains, the epicurean adventure that this evokes and the splendor of a vision transporting us to a refreshing, relaxing and energyzing landscape.


Bottle design has deserve in 2016 the 1st place in the Beverage´s Packaging and Desinger´s Award, to the Creationist Studio, that is responsible for bottle concept and design. 


Label Design and creation is responsible of STD Villanueva (Design & Social Media).


To get access to GLAICE Creations from STD Villanueva, please click here.



Welcome to the World of Glaice!

Discover The #1 Brand of Alkaline Ionized Water from Natural Mineral Source











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