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Elle McPherson, Victoria Beckham, Elton John, Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst, Gywneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Marc Jacobs, Demi Moore, Josh Duhamel, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, but not only Hollywood stars, other as Jared Leto or Beyoncé are between those that are looking great declaring publicly that they are adhered form long ago to “alkaline life”. As well as many more including Football Players like Miami Dolphin Reggie Bush or politicians, world leaders and influencers. Many of the top-class people and luxury-living élites are widespread declared that they are fans of “Alkaline diet” and the “Alkaline Lifestyle”. Sometimes they are photographed with an alkaline Water bottle in hands without payment.


Just a little search on Google will let us to get access to thousands of pages talking about the alkaline diet, alkaline foods, alkaline health and alkaline lifestyle. Top-tier magazines as Elle, Marie-Claire, Women & Home, Good Housekeeping, Elite Business, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, or first-rate TV Channels like FOX, CBS or ABC has echoed about the benefits of a healthy living and the alkaline concepts.


According published materials from different sources, between the ever-growing list of Alkaline (Kangen Water users it can be counted some of the exclusive clubs of “Rich & Famous” like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Ophra Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Steven Seagal, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Robert Downey Jr., Carlos Santana, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Aston Kutcher, George Lucas, Steve Harris, Maria Sharapova, and many, many more from all sectors and areas of life, from sports to business, from tennis to bodybuilding, from computers and banking to fashion industry, from political leaders to influencers, not counting the millions of anonymous people that are adhering every day, concerned as they are with the care of themselves and the healthy habits of living 



Our Uniqueness


GLAICE (Alkaline Ionized Water) is a brand of our company, ND Pharma & Biotech Company.

From early years we ́ve conducting extensive research on (WTT) Water Transformation Technology in absolute conscience of the importance of an alkaline lifestyle and the benefits of alkaline ionized water, so we set out to research this new category of water products.


In the research process, we came across the different processes existing to the point that we ́ve developed and exclusive, world-leading system of water transformation based on our exclusive proprietary technology ALKIOWTM


GLAICE has to be different and special. It has the highest quality natural ingredients and the process has to be as close to nature as possible. Our process was modeled after deep and extensive research about the processes mother's nature create to transform water into alkaline water thorough the natural-mineral ionization transformation. So we start from spring water and creates our special product with the same characteristics that natural spring water may be exposed to during its travels underground to the final stage where minerals appears as millions of electrolytes creating the enrichment and uniqueness of such water.


GLAICE pH is made using our state of the art technology through purification, transformation, restructuration and mineralization process which works by infusing meticulously purified pristine clean water with our unique blend of natural ionic alkaline minerals, creating what finally GLAICE is. 



Life Essentials by GLAICE


GLAICE® is water clustered with 4 to 6 (H2O) molecules, what really means that our water is “living water” in clear opposition to the “large clustered water” that is called “dead water” which is composed of 10 to 15 H2O molecules. This reduction let the human body cells to absorb the water as it ́s the most compatible fluid similar to human fluids. Cells had tiny “bridges” that lead into the cell so, the smaller clusters are, more water reach the inner cell throughout this “bridges”. This effect promotes cellular health and slows the aging process thru reduction accumulated acid waste.


Pure, natural, unpolluted, freshly condensing dew is naturally structured water, Research reveals that water has a liquid crystal line form, although the molecules remain mobile in liquid crystalline water, they move together, like a school of fish swimming in the sea. This is structured water - also referred to as organized water, prepared water, hexagonal water, micro-clustered water (for perfect hydration) and liquid crystal line water. Since most of us have access to water of varying quality produced by commercial water producers or municipal services, we need to urgently consider those options that are able to return tap and bottled water to ifs original, hydrating, life-giving state.


Since the human body is approximately 70% water, when cleansed and energized with pure internal water, revitalization of good body chemistry naturally will occur. Give your body with the highest quality water (that is unpolluted, energized and life-essential) and it will be absorbed immediately and every cell soon becomes correctly hydrated. Chronic dehydration has been shown to cause a wide range of serious health conditions while proper hydration with pure water has been documented to reverse a variety of illnesses and conditions. GLAICE® is structured water which is based on an ancient unique life force recipe which was, until now, only ever produced by Mother Nature and tried to imitate domestically by a few progressive individuals.


When you drink energized and structured water, your body is much more efficient at removing toxins and limiting oxidative damage which causes several conditions and promote illnesses. Certainly a number of the pain within our bodies can be traced to a shortage of moisture or dehydration. GLAICE has the power to augment hydration and therefore reduce the stress caused by pain.


Dehydration is the equivalent of death and destruction of all living things






GLAICE Water is a perfect combination of pristine pure Natural Mineral Water infused with Mother Nature’s Alkaline Ionic Minerals to restructure such original water into Alkaline Ionized Water.


That technology  creates a powerful reaction that transforms water reducing its molecule clusters and restructuring in a shelf-stable way. As a result, GLAICE has a distinguished smooth silky taste with a powerful and stable alkaline pH of 8.0+. 


GLAICE is the infused hydration choice designed to counterbalance acidity and complement a balanced and alkaline healthy lifestyle, conforming the world leading bottled Alkaline Ionized Water brand. 


GLAICE is an ultra-premium drinking water with an alkalized pH of over 8.0 that utilizes the proprietary ND Pharma & Biotech´s ALKIOW TM Alkaline Ionized Water System Technology, making it the only drinking water in the market that can maintain a stable negative (-) ionization.


Since GLAICE is alkaline with an 8.0+ pH and negative ionized, it can help the body to restore and maintain the electrolite balance.

Our Special Technology!

Japanese researchers have been making alkalized and negative ionized water for about 30 years, known there as “Kangen Water” (“Kangen” means “return to the origin”)*


Nowadays, there are well over 100 hospitals in Japan that have very large water Ionizer units producing multiple types of ionized water.

These different types of ionized water are used for sterilizing their surgical utensils and to treat a variety of internal health issues successfully.


The Japanese have also been producing water ionizers for the home and have documented the many health benefits of ionized water. A simple internet search will provide extensive research and studies of the results. The researchers believe that alkalized and negative ionized water is an integral part of their preventative health care and maintenance, but unlike water processed by the Japanese machines, GLAICE® is stable and can be bottles as this stability is maintained alongside time.


Most ionized produced waters will lose their negative ionization benefits within just two days. Our ALKIOWTM Technology allows GLAICE® to maintain its properties long-term so that it can be bottled and sold in stores worldwide. 


*In certain countries, but mainly the E.U. we ́re owners of the Registered Trademark of KANGEN® iin relation with Alkaline Ionized Water and systems/preparations to make Alkaline Ionized Water. 

There are others...              ...but no one like GLAICE

Please take a look to the adjacent chart and you´ll discover our 10-Tip essential differences with any other competitor.


From our stable alkaline pH in sealed bottle to the proper hydration effect and natural detoxification GLAICE is exceptional and unique.


We do not use electrolysis, chemical additives or just bottle naturally sourced alkaline water (that is not ionic in nature), to confuse consumers and sale what it is not the true alkaline ionized water as nature creates it, only in those places where you can find it in such way, mean Hunza and Kalash territories within the Himalayas.


Our product is made from Natural Mineral Source and transformed by a unique proprietary system of transformation and restructuration that convert all minerals and trace elements contained within such natural mineral water into ionic elements (as electrolytes) through such micro-fragmentation and transformation process.


Thus far, we reproduce within our premises and with this technology the same process that mother nature does in such abovementioned territories throughout a natural long-term characteristic hydrogeological process.


The result is a velvety character, smooth taste, a proven dafety for long-term consumption, a balanced alkalinity on a pure natural base mineral water, with millions of electrolytes, made from 100% natural mineral ingredients for the transformation system and technoloy and pH stable.


Do not renounce to the pleasure and benefits of GLAICE in favour of other products promising what they can not deliver. 


No one can be compared to GLAICE!


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