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Antioxidants & Free Radicals




Many scientists agree that oxidized compounds wrinkle the skin, damage internal organs, damage DNA and contribute to the signs and symptoms of early aging. The natural way to resist oxidized damage is to provide the body with antioxidants, some of which the body makes, some are consumed, and others may be supplemented. The essential function of an antioxidant is to supply electrons to electron-deficient free radicals so they no longer steal electrons from vital cells.


Free Radicals


Most people have heard about antioxidants, but most people don’t fully understand the term oxidation. The process of oxidation starts with the air you breathe. Each oxygen atom has a nucleus in the center with tiny electrons circling around it like satellites orbiting the earth. Any atom that has eight electrons in its outer orbit is stable, but oxygen has only six. Therefore, it is very unstable and it needs two more electrons to stabilize it. When oxygen comes into contact with other atoms, it may steal two electrons from them, a fire like reaction that releases heat energy.


Or the oxygen atom may simply attach itself to one or more atoms to share electrons, as it does with hydrogen to make water (H20) or carbon to make CO2. Either way, this is called "oxidation".


For example, oxygen burns the wood in a fireplace by capturing its electrons and releasing heat energy into the room. In the body, oxygen captures electrons from the digested food releasing energy for all the activities in the body. What remains after oxidation? In the fireplace, oxidation of the wood hydrocarbons produces CO2, which floats up the chimney, and leaves carbon ashes on the floor. In the body, oxidation of food molecules produces CO2, which is exhaled but the "ashes" remain in the body as electron-deficient molecules called "free radicals". They roam through the body attempting to replace their missing electrons by stealing electrons from vital cells and causing damage that usually disables their ability to reproduce as healthy normal cells.



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