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Welcome to The New Glaice! 



The All-New GLAICE!

The brand-new GLAICE is the evolution of the concept. Made from Natural Mineral Source from the environmentally-protected sources from mid-south Iberia, and transformed to give you all the benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water in a stylish, elegant and totally refurbished designed bottle, prize-awarding piece.


The ice-mountain peaked bottle represent the origin of water, the ice on the earth from billions of raindrops fallen on the earth surface thousands of years ago.


GLAICE is since its inception analogue to glacier water, in structure, purity and mouthfeel, Millions of electrolytes within GLAICE aport all the energy and health withou any sugar or chemical additive.


GLAICE is made under a proprietary system 100% natural mineral that restructures water transforming it into Alkaline Ionized Water, with a universe of benefits to discover, a world of sensations to feel, from mouth to the body itself.


GLAICE is more than water, is Alkaline Ionized Water from Natural Mineral Source. Bottled in origin with pure water form on of the most beautiful regions in Midsouth Iberia (Spain), and logistically administered to place it where it´s needed and/demanded.


So Welcome to the New GLAICE WATER, and enjoy.


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